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Postgame Quotes
Courtesy: Washington State Athletics
Release: 02/28/2009
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Feb. 28, 2009

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Final Score: WSU 51, No. 11/14 ASU 49

WSU Head Coach Tony Bennett

On the last possession...
"We cued up and it happened just the way we thought it would (jokingly). Now you know why I don't wear ties. The last three games I've worn ties and I think they've been double overtimes. Oh mygosh, what an ending. We thought we had it. Missed some free throws down the stretch that could have probably iced it and I'll have to see that."

On what happened on that three point shot (of James Harden)?
"I know everyone is out there going 'why don't they foul him and put him on the line for the bonus?' I could hear everybody saying that. That's the great debate. Do you foul at that time or do you do it and try to let him hit a tough shot?"

On Taylor Rochestie's winning shot...
"We just said if you get it we're going to rush down. If we get the ball there will be a twelve second difference at worst, just push down the floor and not let their defense get set."

"He's done it a few times. I remember when we got him from Tulane. One of the things, I can't remember who said it, their former assistant said, 'this kid makes a lot of game winners'. And he did it as a freshman at Tulane. They weren't a good team then and he did it as a freshman."

"He was sick about how he missed a free throw and some things down the stretch, but what a way to end. It could be better for me. End it in regulation, but what an exciting ending. That was important for us."

On senior day...
"We've had some senior moments here with these kids. What an ending. I'm glad they left with that taste in their mouth, our seniors, because that would have been a hard one if we had not come away with it."

WSU Guard Klay Thompson

On Taylor Rochestie's shot...
"I knew he was going to take the shot and I was happy with whatever shot he took because I knew he was going to get a good one. Obviously it was, he made it, the guy got back...I guess the defender backed off and gave him too much room and he hit it. That was incredible."

"I actually thought it was going in because I saw it leave his hand. I thought he had good trajectory on it and he had a good lift on it and I was just, it was just great to see it go in like that. It was an amazing feeling. But I almost forgot there were two seconds left, so I hustled down the court to make sure they didn't hit any big shots."

On the defense in the game...
"They play a really good zone. They match up real well, it's almost like man-to-man, but they just switch off with everyone on the perimeter. It was good, we got some open looks. We both played good defensively, I thought we made them take tougher shots than we did last time we played them last time."

WSU Guard Nikola Koprivica

On Rochestie's shot...
"I was like, 'that better be good.' He deserved it because he gave for this team and this program so much. Because he missed those few free throws, I felt bad for him, so I was like 'please go in.' He got it and I was so happy for him."

On the defense...
"It was a really physical game. If you want to guard Harden first of all, you have to be very physical. I tried to match that the best I could, he's such a good player. I thought we were very physical and we out-toughed them."

Taylor Rochestie

On the game...
"I think you could tell by the look on my face, with the free throws, I couldn't have been more frustrated. I don't know if it was 'Senior Night.' It might have been two years ago we played USC and we fouled them at the end of the game on a three and it felt the same. The last couple of games going into overtime, double overtime. Robbie Cowgill told me before the game 'try to top last year's game.' For me it definitely topped it. It was just an incredible game, looking at the stat sheet and everything, you definitely couldn't have guessed the outcome or how it went, but it was just an unbelievable game."

On the last play...
"I just wanted to make a play. That's what I tell myself at the end of the game. I just want to make the right play. At first I looked to drive, I felt some of our players, some of their players were stagnant, just blocking the lane. As soon as I realized that, I kind of backed it out, looked up at the clock, saw about four seconds, saw that I had a little cushion and let it go. I think I made my first shot of the game and my last shot of the game, kind of by any means necessary. It just had to go in. When I shot, I was just hoping and praying and saw my mom over there passed out, front row, my dad and my brother. So it was just, unbelievable experience at home. To do it with these seniors and this team...this team, these younger guys on the team won the game for us. Baynes and I kept looking at each other wondering why we weren't playing good on our senior night. Just said, 'hey, keep it going, any means necessary, however we can win' and the younger guys just won the game for us. It wasn't the last shot. The defense they played, just unbelievable."

"I thought, 'it's going to be hard to see my family if I miss this one.' After the game my family always does a great job of picking me up win or lose and being there for me. I really wanted to win this game for, I wanted to win it for everyone that flew up to come see us play. Seeing Baynes' family in the crowd, Daven's family, all the seniors, it was just...We wanted this game so bad and at halftime we looked around the locker room. We just wanted this game, really, really bad. Throughout the season, we just really wanted this one. When I shot that last shot, I said 'this just has to go in, it just has to."

"At the end of the game I just wanted to make the right play and luckily enough that was the right play."

On whether this was the biggest shot of his career...
"With all that surrounds today's game and kind of where I've come from and my past and the way I feel about these seniors, the way I feel about being a Washington State Cougar, no, no bigger shot. This is just an unbelievable feeling. I'm happy I won the game with that shot for this team. I could really care less about myself right now, but just seeing these guys and seeing their faces after the game, it was just, you know, an unbelievable experience."

WSU Center Aron Baynes

On playing a physical game...
"It's just the way it was. Can't really put it down or anything. We knew we were going to have to play, it was going to be a tough, scrappy game. That's the way we always play against them. It was tough on the offensive end for both teams. It was a matter of, you know, who could stick in and play defense. We just came out with one big play that tipped us over the edge. It was a tough night out there, but yeah, we got it done. So I'm thankful for that."

WSU Forward Caleb Forrest

On the realization of 'Senior Day'...
"It kind of hit me at the end when we started walking down there and everyone's thanking you for the four years you've been here. It's kind of sinking in like 'man it's crazy that we're never going to play together again in this building, except for maybe pickup games.' It's pretty intense, but take it for what it is. We've still got a lot of season left hopefully."

Arizona State Head Coach Herb Sendek

On James Harden's play...
"He didn't play one of his best games."

On why Harden was not playing well...
"I don't know. They do a good job defensively."

On the defensive effort of both team...
"Yea, they're very difficult to score against. We tried to do the best we could ourselves. It certainly was a defensive battle tonight."

On losing to both Washington schools and how it may affect the postseason...
"Just move on to the next game, that's all we can do."

Washington State Cougars Men's Basketball