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Courtesy: Washington State Athletics
Up Close with Senior Safety Deone Bucannon
Courtesy: Washington State Athletics
Release: 10/15/2013
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With a father who served in the Marine Corps and a mother with the Navy, it comes as no surprise that senior safety, Deone Bucannon, is accustomed to discipline.

"We were a by the book kind of family,” Bucannon said. “You abide by the rules. We had three key values throughout my family, they were to never lie, cheat or steal.”

If these standards were not met in the Bucannon family, disciplinary actions took place, building Deone's character while also preparing him for the rigor of Division I football.

“Growing up my punishments were military workouts,” Bucannon said. “I had to workout my whole life so doing workouts here didn’t really affect me. Every time I am (training) I don’t think about how hard it is because it’s kind of just normal to me.”

Normality is something not usually associated with Bucannon as he is known for his bone-crushing defense that currently has him ranked as the number two strong safety in the country according to

Ironically though, normality is something Bucannon strives for in his daily routine.

“A lot of (routine) comes from my Dad,” Bucannon said. “He likes stuff by the book. So if I have to do something at a certain time, that’s what I am going to be doing.”

Bucannon is committed to his routine, so much so that his phone unceasingly buzzes with alarms reminding him of tasks he must complete. Some of which include when he is to workout, do laundry, eat lunch and go to practice. He even has an alarm to let him know when it’s time to take his fish oil and vitamin D supplements.

However there is one alarm that resonates the most with Bucannon. It’s what sets him apart from the good and places him with the great. He calls it, The Year of Focus. It’s a state of mind, which has been passed down to him from his mentor, former NFL cornerback and Cougar great, Jason David.

“My whole schedule is wrapped around The Year of Focus,” Bucannon said. “It’s working out, working out extra and going to meetings. I also have another alarm that goes off after lunch that says film. It’s all part of the Year of Focus.”

Bucannon’s emphasis on The Year of Focus provides meaning and purpose to everything he does, which cultivates his relentless pursuit to create the best version of himself.

“One of my biggest things is in the future, I don’t want to have any regrets,” Bucannon said. “I want to get the most out of everything. I want to put the best product of me out there to make the plays.”

Even with his focus intensely set on self-improvement, Bucannon ultimately puts in the extra work for the betterment of his team.

“It doesn’t matter how much I do, or how much I weigh, or what I have done in the past,” Bucannon said. “I just want to play as hard as I can for my team.”

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