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Courtesy: Washington State Athletics
Kyle Nash with Ol' Crimson
A Day with Ol' Crimson
Courtesy: Washington State Athletics
Release: 10/13/2013
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By Jason Krump

Kyle Nash experienced a full day.

And it wasn't even five o'clock in the afternoon.

Just 10 minutes earlier, Nash arrived at Cougville in Rogers Field with the precious cargo he just transported across the state.

It was nearly 12 hours earlier when Nash was waiting in a parking lot in South Lake Union with his fellow Cougars.

They didn't know how they were getting to the Washington campus.

They just knew they were.

"All of a sudden the stretch limo pulls up and we were all saying, 'Yeahhh!'," Nash said. "We were pretty excited."

"And then we crowded 20 people in it," he added, laughing. "It got non-exciting really fast."

The limo was arranged by John Bley, Secretary/Treasurer of the Ol' Crimson Booster Club. Bley worked with producers from ESPN Gameday to arrange transportation for the Cougars, and Ol' Crimson, to the Washington campus.

Accompanied by a police escort, the limo arrived, to a pre-arranged parking spot.

"Nobody knew it was us." Nash said. "Husky fans were lining up. They thought it was the guest picker or Macklemore or somebody was going to get out of there."

Waiting for the ESPN producers go ahead, Nash, his fellow Cougars, and Ol' Crimson waited.

"We sat in there 20 minutes with the tinted windows up," Nash said. "Every once in a while ESPN producers would drop in and say, 'Okay we're going to go in five minutes!'

"Finally we got the mark and headed on stage," he said. "We flew the flags up and you could hear the cat-calling. It was a wall of purple boos.

"It was a lot of fun."

While Ol' Crimson did receive boos, it also received much respect.

"Once we found our spot it was pretty mellow," he said. "More people wanted to get their picture taken than talk trash."

Nash was in charge of the tube Ol' Crimson is transported in, and even that proved to be a popular item.

"Five or six people came up to me wanting to get a picture taken with the tube," he said.

Ten minutes before the show ended, Ol' Crimson were packed in the tube and Nash jumped into a cab back to the South Lake Union parking lot.

Accompanied by Ol' Crimson, Nash jumped in his car and began the journey to Pullman.

It's a trip he makes frequently. Living in Seattle, Nash comes to WSU for all the football games.

And because he was making the trip anyway, he saw an opportunity to help.

"When I saw they were doing Gameday at UW I just volunteered to help out," he said.

Though Nash wasn't making his first trip back to Pullman to see a Cougar Football game, it was his first time waving Ol' Crimson.

"It reminds me of the connection people have with the university," Nash said of what Ol' Crimson means to him. "People connect with the community and the university that doesn’t go away."

Though the day was still far from complete, as Nash stood by Ol' Crimson and had a chance to reflect on the day's events, what were his thoughts?

"It was awesome."


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