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Scholarship Opportunities

The Athletic Training Program at WSU is a time-intensive, rigorous academic program requiring commitment and dedication. The Department of Athletics at WSU offers four endowed scholarships to students in the Athletic Training Program. These scholarships are the Damien Ficek Memorial Scholarship, the Clifford M. Phibbs Excellence Endowment for Sports Medicine, the Anita Preston Endowed Scholarship in Athletic Medicine, and the Dr. Ed and Laura Tingstad Athletic Medicine Endowment.

If you would like to give to a scholarship fund please contact the Cougar Athletic Fund at 1-877-IMA-COUG or click here.

Damien Ficek Memorial Scholarship

Distributions from this fund shall be used to fund one or more scholarships to a student(s) involved in the Athletic Training Program with sincere financial need and who displays leadership skills in the classroom and out. It is the hope of Mrs. Ficek that the ideal recipient of this award will closely match Damien Ficek's defining characteristics. Damien overcame many odds to achieve his goals in life through his inherent moral courage and fortitude. He was ambitious toward improving not only his own life, the lives of others.

Click here to learn more about Damien and his story.

Past Winners
2013-2014 Matthew Crahan
2012-2013 Jordan Light
2011-2012 Seth Miller
2010-2011 David Osborne
2009-2010 Keith Schlecht
2008-2009 Jesse Free
2007-2008 Josh Therrien
2006-2007 Devan Baker

Clifford M. Phibbs Excellence Endowment for Sports Medicine

This fund was established to provide undergraduate scholarship support and/or other forms of approved financial aid to one or more Athletic Training Students participating in WSU's Athletic Training Program.

Past Winners
2013-2014 Jordan Light
2013-2014 Matt Townsend
2012-2013 Matt Crahan
2012-2013 Brendan Bowman
2011-2012 Reed Omdal
2011-2012 Shea deWeber
2010-2011 Yosuke Kido
2010-2011 Josh Emery
2009-2010 Josh Emery
2009-2010 Yosuke Kido
2008-2009 Alex Parlan
2008-2009 Maren Delaney
2008-2009 Casie Ulrich
2007-2008 Jesse Free
2006-2007 Emily Hoover
2005-2006 Phillip Cappetto
2004-2005 Devan Baker
2003-2004 Wendy Nygaard
2002-2003 Jennifer Carey

Anita Preston Endowed Scholarship in Athletic Medicine

Distributions from this fund shall be used to award one or more scholarships to women majoring in Athletic Training. Recipients must have demonstrated financial need as determined by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Support is renewable at the discretion of the Director of Athletic Training.

Past Winners
2013-2014 Bayley DePaul
2013-2014 Taylor Howick
2013-2014 Dominique Hyatt-Oates
2013-2014 Kadi Wilson
2012-2013 Elisabeth Mitchell
2012-2013 Dominique Hyatt-Oates
2012-2013 Delaney Costello
2012-2013 Kadi Wilson
2012-2013 Samantha Graff
2011-2012 Shelby Witschen
2011-2012 Brittany O'Malley
2011-2012 Samantha Graff
2011-2012 Stephanie Hjortedal
2010-2011 Shelby Witschen
2010-2011 Brittany O'Malley
2010-2011 Stephanie Hjortedal
2010-2011 Jacqueline Heeman
2009-2010 Emily Clark
2009-2010 Lee Martin
2008-2009 Jessica Vaughan
2008-2009 Lanna Pangle
2008-2009 Sarah Bratt
2007-2008 Jessica Vaughan
2007-2008 Sarah Bratt
2006-2007 Chantea Mccauley
2005-2006 Vanessa Kitt

Dr. Ed and Laura Tingstad Athletic Medicine Endowment

Distributions from this fund shall be used to fund a scholarship to a student enrolled in the WSU Athletic Training Program. The student must have demonstrated financial need and the scholarship is renewable, but student must maintain good academic standing.

Past Winners
2013-2014 Sam O'Leary
2012-2013 Reed Omdal
2011-2012 Jacqueline Heeman
2010-2011 Shea deWeber
2009-2010 Kelcey Anderson
2008-2009 Keith Schlecht