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Notable Washington State Alumni

Edward R. Murrow '30

John Abelson '60 - Co-developer of top-drug that helped slash AIDS death rate in 1990s

Neva Abelson '34 - Co-developer for blood test for Rh

Phil Abelson '33, '35 - Father of the atomic submarine

Sherman Alexie '94 - Screenwriter, poet, novelist

Paul Allen '74 - Microsoft co-founder, investor and philanthropist, owner of Seattle Seahawks

Jacob Bigeleisen '41 - Founder of modern isotope chemistry. Distinguished professor emeritus, State University of New York at Stony Brook

James Blackwell '59 - Sociologist, leading scholar on minorities in higher education and social movement in black communities

Drew Bledsoe '93 - NFL Quarterback

Howard Bowen '29, '32 - Former president of Grinnell College and University of Iowa

Cindy Brunson '96 - ESPN News anchor

William Bugge '22 - Long time Washington director of highways

Leo Bustad '68 - Founder of international human-companion animal movement and veterinary dean

Hugh Campbell '63, '69 - General Manager, Edmonton Eskimos of the Canadian Football League

Ron Cey '68 - Former Major League Baseball player, six-time All-Star, known throughout his career as the "Penguin"

Mary DeGarmo '26 - Pioneer with music and Braille

John Fabian '62 - Astronaut on the second challenger space shuttle mission in 1983

John Clifford Folger '17 - U.S. Ambassador to Belgium, BS 1914 Agriculture, Human and Natural Resources

Weldon B. Gibson '38 - Executive Vice President of Stanford Research Institute

John Gorman '46, '47 - Researcher on slow virus and fur animal diseases and animal models of human diseases

Ann Haley '78 - Executive Director of Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Authority

Henry T. Heald '23 - President of New York University and Ford Foundation

Mel Hein, '31 - Charter member of the College and Professional Football Hall of Fames

Robert W. Higgins '57 - International impact as a family physician leader, U.S. Navy Rear Admiral

Bernard Lagat '00 - Five-time world champion and two-time Olympic medalist who holds several USA records in track & field

Gary Larson '72 - Creator of Far Side cartoons

Keith Jackson '54 - Broadcaster, voice of college football

Charles Glen King '18 - Authority on nutrition and first to isolate pure crystals of Vitamin C

Mike Kinkade '96 - 2000 Olympic Gold Medalist Baseball

Mike Lowry '62 - Former governor of Washington

Patty Murray '72 - U.S. Senator

Edward R. Murrow '30 - Father of day news reporting and namesake for WSU's Murrow School of Communication

John Olerud '89 - Former Major League Baseball player, two-time All-Star

Pete Rademacher '53 - 1956 Olympic Gold Medalist; fought for the heavyweight championship in first professional fight

Mark Rypien '85 - NFL Quarterback, Super Bowl XXVI MVP

Jerry Sage '38 - WWII escape artist who was played by Steve McQueen in the movie The Great Escape

Barry Serafin '64 - ABC News correspondent

William Julius Wilson '66 - Harvard University Professor, selected by Time magazine as one of America's 25 Most Influential People

Marshall A. Neill '37 - Federal District Court Judge, WA State Supreme Court Judge

Laurence J. Peter '63 - Co-author of The Peter Principle

Robert D. Russ '55 - Four-star General in United States Air Force

Karl Sax '16 - Foremost radiation biologist and geneticist

Charles R. Schroedor '56 - San Diego Zoo Director

Robert S. Stevenson '29 - Allis-Chalmer's Chief Executive Officer

Orville Vogel '39 - Wheat breeder whose findings sparked "Green Revolution"

Alan C. Wilson '79 - Evolutionist who reset clock of human evolution

Matsuyi O. Yamamoto '37 - Distinguished home economist who pioneered home extension work in Japan

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