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ZZU Points Frequently Asked Questions

What are ZZU points?

ZZU Points are a reward for those students who purchase a Sports Pass and attend home events. Students earn prizes and grand prize drawing entries the more events they attend. ZZU Points also are used to determine ticket purchase priority for events like postseason play and premium games like the Apple Cup.

Who can earn ZZU Points?

WSU students who have purchased a Sports Pass for the current season are eligible to participate.

How do I purchase a Sports Pass?

Visit and log in to your student account, then navigate to the Sports Pass area:
(Main Menu > Student > Finance and Purchase > Optional Services)

How do I check my ZZU Points?

Log in to your Student Ticket Account to check your point total during the year.

How will I receive points at a game?

You will receive ZZU Points at eligible events when you swipe your CougarCard. The points will be automatically credited to your account.

I lost my CougarCard. Can I still receive points at a game?

A Cougar Card is required for student access to games using the Sports Pass (and earn ZZU Points). Visit the CougarCard Center in the CUB to purchase a replacement card.

At which events can I earn ZZU Points?

ZZU Points will be credited at all home football, volleyball, soccer, men's basketball, women's basketball and baseball regular-season games.

Where do I scan my CougarCard at home events?
  • Football:  Martin Stadium Gate A (Student Entrance)
  • Volleyball:  Bohler Gym Main Entrance
  • Soccer:  Visit the marketing tent at Lower Soccer Field.
  • Men's/Women's Basketball:  Beasley Coliseum Student Entrance/ZZU CRU Entrance
  • Baseball:  Bailey-Brayton Field Main Entrance
When can I scan my card for ZZU Points at home events?

ZZU Points will be credited from the time doors open until 20 minutes after the start of a home event.

My CougarCard didn't work at the gate, but I have purchased a Sports Pass. Can I still receive my ZZU Points?

Visit the Student Troubleshooting Booth at the Student Gate. Once your Sports Pass has been validated, you will receive the ZZU Points.

Will my ZZU Points roll over from year to year?

All ZZU Points reset to 0 at the beginning of very season. Point totals do not carry over from year to year.

Can a friend use my CougarCard to get into a home event?

A Sports Pass may only be used by the individual who has purchased it. Misuse of a Sports Pass could result in the pass being revoked for the remainder of the year. The account will also be ineligible to earn any more ZZU Points for the remainder of the year and could forfeit the right to redeem any possible ZZU Points Rewards.