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CAF Ranking

The CAF Rankings provide an objective way for the Cougar Athletic Fund to identify and reward the most active supporters of WSU Athletics. As the rankings have evolved over time, the goal has always been to reward consistent annual members with added opportunities for access to premier WSU events and postseason games, as well as priority for seating upgrades on season tickets and road games. Annual CAF membership gifts have, therefore, been prioritized with the most weight in the CAF rankings.

CAF Ranking Category Point Equivalents
1. Current year unrestricted athletic scholarship, endowment, and/or capital giving 4 pts/dollar
2. Current year "other" athletic giving (non-cash, sport specific) 1 pt/dollar
3. Previous cumulative giving to Athletics 2 pts/dollar
4. Number of consecutive years of CAF membership 100 pts/year of consecutive membership
5. 2012 Football season tickets purchased and 2012-13 Men's Basketball season tickets purchased 1,000 pts/FB & MBK season ticket account