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Courtesy: Washington State Athletics
Release: 01/21/2009
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On the first half at Oregon State ...
"I think playing Oregon State, going against the Princeton stuff, mixing up their zones, it takes a little to get used to. I think offensively we got some good looks, but defensively was very frustrating because they got to the rim at will a couple of times. It was one of those deals like, 'look fellas, either you're going to try and stop the ball and do the things we work on every day in practice from the fall, or you're not. And it's going to be a brutal deal.' We came out (in the second half) and some kids made some plays down the stretch. There is a challenge when you play them for the first time, adjusting to them. Especially if you can't just go get your shot or dominate them in transition or go on the glass. We've got to duke it out and get a lower possession game. It started out with the scoring along pretty early, but then it slowed down. The second half was definitely much better. Then, they played pretty solid against Oregon."

Changes in the starting lineups...
"You look at who you're playing, what your team needs, and just go with that. Certainly inserting Daven (Harmeling), Nik (Koprivica), and Marcus (Capers) have kind of been the three...Caleb (Forrest) too actually...DeAngelo (Casto). We have a core group of guys and they're all going to play. We just look at how we match up, who played well in the last game, who has practiced well...and go from there. In the case with Marcus, that's the first time he started, and DeAngelo the time before. With young kids you always wonder how they will handle it. I thought DeAngelo was a little overly amped. (He) picked up a couple (early) fouls. We had (Charlie) Enquist, who hasn't played (much), come in and do a good job. I try not to make a big deal to them who starts, but we have to change and find out what's best and keep searching. I thought Marcus did a nice job defensively. Though he didn't score against Oregon he took a little pressure off of Taylor and brought us some athleticism and ball handling; he did a solid job for the number of minutes he played."

On Taylor Rochestie's recent play...
"He's carried us and played well and that's made a difference. He's shooting the ball better, making great decisions down the stretch and defensively doing a nice job. He's playing at a high level. For our ball club we need Aron (Baynes) and Taylor, all our seniors to do that. It's hard for us to overcome if a couple of our key guys aren't playing at a significant level. He has really stepped up and shown his experience being in those kinds of games. At times letting Capers and other guys handle the ball and letting him work a little more off screens has helped him, but he seems to be playing at a high level."

On free throw shooting in practice...
"You try to shoot a lot of them (in practice). Sometimes we'll work on them throughout the course of practice when they are tired. A lot of it is on them too, whether it's before or after practice getting some quality reps. We will chart some of them or sometimes we'll make them do a punishment if they don't make a certain number. We'll try to do different things to get their minds focused on their stroke, their form. Not always how many have you made out of 10, but how many swishes, how many made in a row, or you have to make seven in a row before you leave the gym. It's on them, they have to get their reps and shoot with a comfortable form. It's nice to see that the guys made them under pressure. I wasn't aware that we made all of them until I was walking off the floor and I heard the PA announcer. We were fortunate. There were a couple games this year where we struggled and it hurt us, against Baylor and others. You just keep shooting them and keep concentrating. It helps to get to the line that many times. Those are the points we talk about all the time: free throws, offensive rebounds, transition baskets, points out of out of bounds plays...those things really help you offensively."

"It varies, some days heavy amounts some days less (of free throws). Some days it's after practice, some days during the whole course of practice, but they shoot them all the time. I don't have a magic number or a certain drill, we just mix them up and put the players in different spots. Sometimes we try to put pressure on them in front of their teammates."

On who would take over if ejected...
"Coach Ben Johnson. They are all capable, whether I would put Coach Sanchez, Coach Woodley, or Ben. Ben is the oldest. They could all do it together as far as I am concerned but he would probably take over. That hasn't happened yet and hopefully it won't, but they are certainly capable guys. They (Oregon) made a nice run after Coach Kent (was ejected), I think the crowd got into it and they got aggressive. That's always an interesting situation."

On specific problems posed by UCLA...
"They'll be awnry coming off a loss, which is always a problem. They shoot the ball well, better this year than last year. They have a four that can screen and separate and bang a shot. Certainly with Collison, who's one of the best players I think in the country, they have experience in their guard core. Solid, tough, don't beat themselves, and well coached. They are used to winning, and they know how to play the game. They are different, they don't have some of the guys of last year, but they have excellent players in their place. You just have to play and be tough. What really becomes an emphasis is to not beat yourself, because if you start turning it over or allowing them some second chance points or getting out in transition they really will make you pay. They will ball screen you so much throughout and they have one of the best in the business in making plays off it in Collison."

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